Mountain Ma’am

The Adventures of Mountain Ma’am is an exciting paranormal story cycle
about a woman whose destiny is to protect the wildlife and environment
of the Colorado Rockies.

Armed with only a Sharps rifle and a buffalo hide, Civil War orphan
Callie Dawson stumbles upon her hidden destiny in the high mountains
above Leadville, Colorado. She is the Mountain Ma’am! Together with
her wolf partner Sina and her soul mate, Johnny, she fights against
age-old forces of destruction.

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While struggling to survive in the rugged snow-capped Colorado
Rockies, Callie Dawson encounters the wild wolf Sina and is surprised
when it saves her life. Callie discovers she is the Mountain Ma’am,
head of the loose coalition of humans and animals making up the
Laramide Nation. Callie and Sina ally with Johnny Wellborn of the Blue
Mountains in a series of adventures to protect the environment and
animals, including fighting crooked mining interests, settling feuds
among species, and thwarting evil magical forces threatening the
people of Leadville. When Sina dies, Callie travels to the Wind River Reservation to ask a shaman to help her cross into the realm of the
dead. Although in the end she is powerless to bring Sina back, Callie
vows to restore Sina’s endanged descendants to their native habitat
and fulfill her calling as the Mountain Ma’am.


Mountain Ma’am
Family Matters, aka Frank and Jesse
Raised by Wolves
Skunks versus Woodpeckers
Whalebone Corset
Doc Frain
The Chimera and the Coin
This Too Shall Pass
Afterword: The Wolf in Colorado