Miranda of Daris – Book 2 of Dragon Stead

This is the website of Juliana Rew, science fiction author and publisher.

It’s finally here! Book two of my YA SF series, Dragon Stead. Book one, “Erenarch Academy: Under the Dragon Banner” from World Castle Publishing, introduced the world of Sigma Draconis star system. Book two follows the adventures of Network Command warrior Miranda Powers as she fights for the capital planet of Erenarch.


Miranda Powers is the no-holds-barred martial arts and strategy instructor at Erenarch Academy, the most prestigious boarding school in Dragon Stead solar system. From Miranda’s beginnings as a street urchin on the backward planet of Daris, through her adventures as an interplanetary warrior for Network Command, she plays a key role in helping Erenarch resolve the long-running war with Farana.

New edition to be available in March 2018!